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While Teca-Print USA is a premier supplier of some of the most technologically advanced pad printing equipment, we understand that not all projects warrant the investment of a pad printing system for your business. In that case, we are excited to offer our in-house sub-contract printing services.

The biggest advantage of utilizing our subcontract printing services, is that we are the OEM supplier. So there is no waiting on supplies or ink/additives, because we ARE the supplier! From Pre-inspection and pretreatment, to multiple step printing, curing and post-inspection, we handle it all from start to finish.

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Other Services Offered

Graphics & Film Services

Teca-Print USA now offers a full variety of Graphic and Film Services to meet your project needs. From logo and graphic creation, cleaning or converting old graphic files or providing precise pdf outlines of proofs for your artwork, we can do it all. Our graphic and film services are commonly used for medical device manufacturing, tool/equipment manufacturing and numismatic/collectible coins.

Graphic Services Offered:

  • Artwork Proofing
  • Film Output Services
  • Cliché Plate Manufacturing
  • Branded & Product Trials

Film Output Details:

  • Sizes up to 457 x 635 mm
  • Film file output at up to 3600 dpi
  • Film file production for up to 7 color print projects
  • Image setter accuracy is 0.0005”

Equipment Troubleshooting & Repair

Teca-Print pad printing machines are Swiss engineered and built with the highest quality components, but even the best equipment needs repair from time to time. For scenarios when sending a Technician to your location isn’t the best solution, we offer multiple service options to meet your unique repair needs. Learn more about Equipment Troubleshooting & Repair here.

Options Include:

  • Send Out Servicing
  • Free Phone Support
  • Video Support

Printing Support & Consultation

Whether you are new to pad printing, or you’re a veteran pad printer who’s encountered a difficult project, we have a support solution for you. We can help to train your new employees or prepare a custom tailored training session specific to your needs. In person training sessions are available, as well as video support/training sessions.

Printing & Consultation Services Offered:

  • Training sessions at customer location
  • Consultation at customer location
  • Video training and remote support sessions

R & D/Tests in Lab

We provide full service process development solutions for any printing project, no matter how unique or difficult. Our experienced Technicians are trained to test, troubleshoot and develop each aspect of your process to ensure a successful print while also meeting any specific requirements. Learn more about Research & Development/Tests in Lab here.

R & D Tests in Lab:

  • Fixture Development
  • Ink and Additive Selection
  • Pad Selection
  • Graphics to Plate
  • Print Trial
  • Pre-Treatment/Post-Treatment Testing

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We’ve partnered with our sister company for all coin printing and embellishment services.

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