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While Teca-Print USA is a premier supplier of some of the most technologically advanced pad printing equipment, we understand that not all projects warrant the investment of a pad printing system for your business. In that case, we are excited to offer our in-house sub-contract printing services.

The biggest advantage of utilizing our subcontract printing services, is that we are the OEM supplier. So there is no waiting on supplies or ink/additives, because we ARE the supplier! From Pre-inspection and pretreatment, to multiple step printing, curing and post-inspection, we handle it all from start to finish.

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At Teca-Print USA, we are a leading provider of some of the most technologically advanced pad printing equipment. In addition to providing quality pad printing supplies and systems, we also offer a range of in-house sub-contract printing services.

Pad Printing Services

Teca-Print is an industry leader in pad printing equipment, ink, and other supplies; however, we also offer a range of in-house contract pad printing services. Also referred to as tampography or tampo printing, pad printing is a method that applies images and print to uniquely shaped and curved objects.

You can use our pad printing services for various applications, including promotional materials, cosmetic products, medical devices, and more. Our pad printing capabilities include:

  • Multi-pad printing
  • In-line printing
  • Single and multi-color pad printing
  • Rotational pad printing
  • Multiple-location pad printing
  • High-volume pad printing


UV/LED Digital Printing Services

Our custom UV/LED digital printing services involve a single-step printing process where ink is applied to an object and then cured instantly by UV light. This allows us to print your designs directly onto different objects, including those with flat and cylindrical surfaces. Because the inks are cured instantly, we can easily print items with dimension and texture, such as Braille signage.

UV/LED printing services offer significantly lower production costs compared to transfer printing and sublimation. This results in higher customer margins on finished products due to less ink and labor.

Our UV/LED digital printing capabilities include:

  • Full-color printing with primer preprint, white background, and glossy clear overcoat
  • Parts with a maximum size of 24″ in length, 16″ in width, and 5″ in height
  • Ability to print on flat and curved objects


Packaging Services

Teca-Print offers a range of custom packaging services to meet our customers’ needs. When developing new packaging procedures for our customers, we consider the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We also consider factors such as environmental responsibility, recycling and environmental regulations, and sustainability. 

We’ll work with you to deliver a life cycle assessment that considers the energy and material inputs and outputs of the packaged contents, the package itself, the packaging process, waste management, and the logistics system. 

Other Services

Graphics & Film Services

Our graphics and film services included a variety of capabilities, including providing pdf outlines of proofs for your artwork, converting old graphic files, and graphic and logo creation. With these capabilities, we can meet the needs of various applications, such as numismatic/collectible coins, tool/equipment manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing.

Our graphic services include:

  • Film output services
  • Artwork proofing
  • Branded & Product trials
  • Cliché Plate Manufacturing

Film Output Details:

  • Up to 3600 dpi film file output
  • Size up to 457 x 635 mm 
  • Film file production for up to 7 color print projects
  • 0.0005″ image setter accuracy

Equipment Troubleshooting & Repair

Our Teca-Print pad printing machines are made with top-notch components, but like any other great machine, they need repair from time to time. As such, we have a team of professional technicians who can troubleshoot and repair your printing machine when the need arises. If sending a technician to your facility isn’t the best option, we offer several service solutions to meet your particular repair needs. Learn more here.

Printing Support & Consultation

At Teca-Print, we can help train new employees or deliver customized training sessions to meet your specific needs. We also offer video support/training sessions as well as in-person training sessions. 

R&D/Tests in Lab

We offer full-service process development solutions for printing projects of all complexities. Our experienced and highly trained technicians can test, troubleshoot, and develop every aspect of your printing process to ensure optimal success while meeting all the necessary requirements. Learn more about our tests in lab and R&D services here.

Custom Services from Teca-Print

At Teca-Print, we have been a leader in the pad printing industry for over three decades. From pre-inspection through printing, packaging, post-inspection, and more, Teca-Print USA can handle your printing project from beginning to end. 

For more information about our products and custom pad printing capabilities, contact us today.

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