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We provide full service process development solution for any printing project, no matter how unique or difficult. Our experienced Technicians are trained to test, troubleshoot and develop each aspect of your process to ensure a successful print while also meeting any specific requirements.

Fixture Development – We design and make custom tooling to properly hold your part during printing. The fixture is a vital component of the print process and must be strategically engineered for a quality print.

Ink and Additive Selection – We carry a wide variety of ink series to cater to all types of substrate material. We also have a variety of chemical additives such as thinners, hardeners, and retarders that coincide with each series. Some substrates can be made of an unknown material or a combination of materials. We will test a sample of your part with different series of ink and additives to determine the best possible formula for your job. This includes testing for adhesion, opacity on the product, resistance to chemicals, resistance to UV-light and any other special requirements you may have.

Pad Selection – The choice of pad is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful print project. We will test your product with a variety of high-quality printing pads to determine the best possible pad at the proper durometer (hardness) needed for achieving a quality pick-up and transfer of your image/text.

Graphics to Plate – As part of our Graphics & Film Services, our Graphics Team is capable of designing, editing and transferring any image or text to a high-resolution film. We can then chemically etch your image onto a long- life polymer or steel plate to test-print your image and adjust as necessary.

Print Trial РOur pad printing equipment is of the upmost best and modern technology. Our experienced Technicians will test and troubleshoot all variables of the unique print process for your product and  will determine if there are more adjustments/changes necessary.

Pre-Treatment/Post-Treatment Testing – Often caused by contamination of the substrate or low surface energy, many products today are made of materials that are difficult to print on due to adhesion issues or transferability of the ink. This scenario requires a pre-treatment process to prepare the part before it is printed and allow the ink to transfer properly. Options include flame treatment, corona, liquid primers and active gas. Post-treatment is then necessary to cure the ink and ensure proper adhesion. Options include flame treatment, hot air such as a dryer conveyor or infrared dryers.

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