Pad printing involves the transfer of a two-dimensional single or multi-color image onto a three-dimensional component offering precision design capabilities. As the name implies, pad printing uses a silicone “pad” to retrieve an image (such as a company logo) and apply it to an object (your desired product). When the ink dries, the result is very durable, allowing a high repeatability rate for ease of use in mass production.

The pad printing process allows detailed graphics and images to be transferred to irregularly shaped, mechanically sensitive, and delicate products that traditional print methods cannot handle. The precise cost-effective printing technology is well-suited for a wide variety of applications.

Some of the many industries that utilize pad printing include:

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In addition to those listed above, many other industries take advantage of pad printing machines to develop a specific branded outcome for their products.

Automotive Industry

  • Universal Applications

    Almost every vehicle component benefits from pad printing technology. The process is beneficial for imprinting parts located under the hood, in the cabin, and on the exterior. These components include a broad range of shapes and substrates that can stand up to performance challenges such as high-temperature exposure.

    Pad printing not only offers tailored solutions but is well-suited for products requiring a unique design. It is an ideal way to decorate a variety of surfaces and textures.

    The advanced technology allows for the decoration of automotive products using abrasion-resistant graphics and images. The technique is commonly used on vehicle components for indicator markings, safety instructions, notifications, branding, and decorative updates.

  • Automotive Components

    Pad printing is effective on almost any surface, regardless of whether it is concave, convex, cylindrical, raised, recessed, or painted. The process is most effective when printing on automotive components that include, but are not limited to:

    Decorations used in the automotive industry must be extremely durable to meet the lifespan requirements of automotive parts and components. Most automotive metal, glass, and plastic components are receptive to pad printing on areas that include curved, round, multi-sided, or flat surfaces.

    View our project gallery to learn more about our automotive pad printing capabilities.

Electronics Industry

Electronic devices can also benefit from pad printing, with the ability to create appealing brand logos and images on intricately shaped devices. The graphic designers at Teca-Print USA work closely with our customer’s design team to produce designated graphics for the pad printing application.

Pad Printing
Industries & Applications


Pad Printing Industries & Applications

The precision and accuracy of the process allow for repeatability to ensure every part appears exactly the way it is intended to match the design specifications. The pad printing process also includes precise color matching and critical alignment, making sure every graphic is precisely placed according to the production requirements.

Electronic parts that we can print on include, but are not limited to:

View our project gallery to learn more about our electronics pad printing capabilities.

Cosmetics Industry

Printing on primary cosmetics packaging carries a unique set of challenges to meet the demands of the health and beauty industry. The pad printing process provides a cost-effective solution while offering chemical resistance and the ability to switch product cycles quickly.

Where pressure-sensitive labeling or screen printing is ineffective or impossible, pad printing can easily apply graphics to waisted and cylindrical bottles.

Teca-Print USA can apply decorative images using pad printing on the following cosmetic product containers:

Cosmetic products typically require markings, brand labeling, and decorations on the bottles and containers. Pad printing can enable the manufacturer to print single or multi-color graphics, logos, and content information, eliminating the need for costlier labeling. The ink offers high opacity and does not interfere with the package contents, which is essential in the health and beauty and personal care industries.

View our project gallery to learn more about our cosmetic pad printing capabilities.

Sporting Goods Industry

Sporting goods such as balls and helmets are often intricately or oddly shaped, making it difficult to use traditional printing methods to apply graphics. Pad printing is an ideal solution for printing on oddly shaped items and is durable enough to work on any kind of surface.

Customization of sporting goods presents a unique challenge. The performance requirements, materials, and geometries of sporting goods vary depending on the specific sport or activity. Pad printing provides optimal repeatability with precision print alignment for the complex industry.

Many of our sporting goods customers seek to add graphics, branding, or logos to the following products:

View our project gallery to learn more about our sporting goods pad printing capabilities.

Medical Industry

Pad printing is an effective process for adorning medical devices and is a commonly used technique to accurately and repetitively apply graphics on curved surfaces.

Medical device pad printing has special design considerations that must be addressed early in the design stage. Waiting until the substrate and design have been chosen can prove difficult when attempting to meet the requirements relating to medical device applications.

Pad printing offers flexibility and is a preferred method among medical industry manufacturers. Medical devices can be easily labeled while passing strict safety testing without altering the product’s intended use.

The medical industry often utilizes pad printing on hollow or curved medical instruments that include, but are not limited to:

A pharmaceutical tablet printer is also an effective use of pad printing and is commonly used in the medical industry.

View our project gallery to learn more about our medical device pad printing capabilities.

Food & Beverage Industry

Teca-Print USA offers high-quality pad printing services for the promotional product distribution market. Our cost-effective printing services enable customers to apply their desired image, logo, or label on food and beverage containers.

Pad printing allows us to print on a wide variety of containers and bottles that include many different shapes, such as:

The food and beverage items that we can use pad printing on include:

View our project gallery to learn more about our sporting goods pad printing capabilities.

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We offer reliability, versatility, and cost-effective solutions for everything from automotive parts, medical devices, electronics, and decorative consumer goods. The unique technology allows us to print on oddly-shaped surfaces and flat objects using single-color transfers or a more detailed CMYK print process.

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