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Teca-Print pad printing machines are Swiss engineered and built with the highest quality components, but even the best equipment needs repair from time to time. For scenarios when sending a Technician to your location isn’t the best solution, we offer multiple service options to meet your unique repair needs.

Send Out Servicing – Customer can send the machine to us without the machine base so that we can evaluate the machine in its current state. We will then provide the customer with a quotation listing all items and labor needed to repair the machine, as well as any maintenance items that may be recommended at that time.

Phone Support – We offer free phone support for those customers who like to fix it themselves. During these calls, our Technicians can help you to diagnose and repair many common issues seen with pneumatic and servo driven pad printing machines. These calls are limited to 15-30 minutes.

Video Support – In light of COVID-19, we have added video support for both printing issues and machine repair. This allows the Technician to see everything exactly as it happens and helps to diagnose issues at a higher technical level than phone support. Or current rate for video support is $250 per hour.

Contact our Sales Department for all Equipment Troubleshooting and Repair inquiries.

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