History of Teca-Print USA

Industry Innovators Worldwide

Incorporated in 1989, Teca-Print USA has been established as a producer of the world’s finest pad printing machines and consumables worldwide. Over the past 30+ years, we continued to evolve and emerge as industry leading experts in pad printing automation and research and development. Being on the forefront in innovation within the pad printing industry, we continuously strive to improve and expand upon traditional pad printing methods and applications to meet your product needs.

To learn more about how we may help with your project needs, simply contact our Sales Team.

Our Company Culture

We believe that an energetic positive company culture and atmosphere is critical to the success and happiness of our team. Throughout our facility, we inspire creativity through use of vibrant color and comfortable breakout areas for our teams to effectively communicate and collaborate.

Passionate about our work, we proudly display some of our favorite past projects. Each project being unique and with its own challenges, our team is proud of the high quality products and services that we consistently deliver to every single customer. To see an example of some of our past projects, click here.

Our Company Culture

"I am the owner and operator of a small pad printing company. After trying other brands of ink and thinner products I found Teca Print. We have been totally satisfied ever since. Their customer service is great! Their technical support and knowledge of everything pad printing is second to none. Teca print products and services gave my company the confidence to offer our customers a great printed product."

Brian Johansson, Montana Candle And Glassworks

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