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Everybody knows that Teca-Print is a producer of the world’s finest and most sophisticated Pad Printing Machines, Consumables like Pads, Ink and Cliché Plates as well as experts in Automation for the Pad Printing process and non related assembly projects. We offer clean and sophisticated solutions to your decorating needs


What is Flame Treatment?

A treatment field is formed when flammable gas and air are combined and combustive to form an intense blue flame. Brief exposure to the energized particles within the flame affects the distribution and density of electrons on the substrate’s surface and polarizes surface molecules through oxidation. This allows for ink adhesion to materials like Polyethylene and Polypropylene. These materials are otherwise printable but usually ink adherence and mechanical resistance is very poor.

Here are just a few items that required pre-treatment prior to printing in order to guarantee excellent ink adhesion, mechanical and chemical resistance.


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